G7 Certification

What Does G7 Mean To You?

Our pledge is it will always match – your proof, samples, piece-to-piece, and job-to-job – always. Measurable Standards – Proven Performance!

REPEATABLE and CONSISTENT QUALITY throughout all your printed products.

What Is The Benefit To Our Customers?

  • The G7 process is based on visual appearance; the same as what many customers do when they are at the site of the press for the approval process.
  • Synchronizes color balance among multiple printing presses and different imaging processes.
  • Could reduce your consumable waste and make-ready time while providing a superior color product.
  • Tighter proof to press calibration improves communication between designer and printer.
  • Allows us to adjust the color at the press for different substrates.
  • Continually monitors and reports proofing device and pressroom conditions to assure results on press.

What is G7? (tech stuff)

G7 is both a definition of grayscale appearance and a calibration method for adjusting any CMYK imaging device to simulate the G7 grayscale definition. The G7 process yields a visual match between different imaging systems. A key benefit of G7 is that it is device-independent. G7 generates a visual match between different imaging systems regardless of substrates, colorants, or screening technologies.

G7 qualification has become a requirement for many print buyers who purchase in different geographic areas or across different print types but still demand visual similarity in all print products’ appearance. For example, a buyer may want to purchase marketing collateral, packaging, and signage from different printers, but with the same brand imagery. If all the printed products have the same gray balance and neutral tonality defined by G7, they will look remarkably the same to the human eye.

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