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If you are sending multiple files, simply put them in a single folder, zip it, then upload the zipped file.

If you are experiencing upload issues, please use this alternative link to upload your files.
Alternate File Upload

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The optimal files to send for speedy transfer and printing are high resolution pdfs with adequate bleed.  We recommend .125” bleed on all sides for small print work, and 1” for large format projects.  Bleed is where the ink appears to run off the edge of the stock, but we all know the stock is bigger and the excess gets trimmed off.  If you do not have bleed on your files, the only way to achieve that look is to trim the project slightly smaller.  The other option is to reduce the size and create a white border around your artwork.  Please click here for a graphic on what bleed should look like.  Some pdfs offer editing capabilities, and if you need changes we may be able to make them for a alteration fee of $60 per hour.  Changes to your submitted files will slow down the process, so please check your work carefully before sending for the fastest turn around.

If you want to send us your native files, we will be able to tweak them if necessary.  We have the latest design and layout software, such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator etc.  Please note: we will only be able to use the native files if you package them properly with fonts and links, to get tips on packaging files click here.

We also offer full design services at $60 per hour: we can use your idea or come up with one to fit your needs.  You would work with one of our Design Consultants until you have the perfect piece, approve a final proof, and we send it straight to press from there.

If you have questions or need help setting up your files, call us! 1.888.292.0001