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Why Choose MPB

Why MPB?

As a regional print company, MPB strives to keep quality service at the forefront of your experience. Our aim is to make a positive difference with your print pieces as we partner with each customer that comes through our door – virtually or in person. Our sales team makes it their priority to understand your needs, while our customer service team follows your project throughout the entire process. We as a company work together to achieve one purpose – making your print dreams come to life!

Serving the region & Beyond

Local…and Not So Local

Who do we serve? EVERYONE! What do we print? EVERYTHING! For over 120 years, MPB has provided for the local regions and beyond. Whether you need a professional piece to bring the WOW factor at that big meeting or a wrap to create your billboard on wheels, we can help. Whatever you can dream, we can print!

Serving the United States

Want to Know More?

All About Us

We’ve been around the block a time or two…over 120 years has given us a history for the books! (See what we did there?)


The A Team

Sales team? Check. Customer Service team? Check. We’re ready and willing to get your next great project started!

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Stop In and Say Hello!

With three locations in our immediate area, we’re pretty accessible! Come see us in West Virginia, Ohio, or Pennsylvania.


Serving You

Our top priority. Our main goal. Our key responsibility. YOU. That’s who we commit to every day.