G7 Certification

Consistency and Reliability

From business cards to books, G7 gives us the ability to duplicate the color of every job, every time. This helps us to help you represent your organization accurately and efficiently.

What’s In It For You?

  • Visual appearance consistency
  • Synchronizes color balance
  • Reduces consumable waste
  • Tighter calibration
  • Ability to adjust color on press
  • Monitors press conditions
G7 Certified

What is G7?

This is for you, yes you, the one who wants to read and know all the tech stuff. G7 is a definition of grayscale appearance and a calibration method for adjusting CMYK imaging devices to simulate the G7 grayscale definition. This process yields a visual match between different imaging systems. Being device independent, G7 generates a visual match between imaging systems regardless of substrates, colorants, or screening technologies. G7 qualification has become a requirement for many print buyers who purchase in different geographic areas or across different print types but still demand visual similarity across products.

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G7 Master Colorspace Facility

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