3 Crucial Elements for Crafting Irresistible Direct Mail Offers

Jan 23, 2024 | Blog

Did you know that the average American household receives 454 pieces of marketing mail per year? If you want to make your company’s mailings stand out among all the others, an attractive offer is the key!

92% of Millennials have been influenced to purchase by direct mail. By crafting the perfect offer, you can utilize that impact and guide recipients toward purchasing with your company.

3 Essentials for the Perfect Direct Mail Offer

Read on to learn the three key tips to remember when creating an offer for your next direct mail campaign.

1. Build the Offer around the Audience

Your offer will be much more effective and generate significantly higher revenue if it’s thoughtfully personalized to target a specific audience.

First, brainstorm which target audience you’d like to focus on for this direct mail campaign. Then, consider which offers would be most valuable and tempting to those in that demographic.

For instance, a restaurant with a target audience of parents with young children might decide on an offer of “buy two entrees, get a free kids’ meal” for a specific day of the week. Tailoring the offer to your specific audience will likely increase the response rate for your direct mail.

2. Make the Offer the Focal Point

Instead of adding the offer as the finishing touch to your ad copy, work with your visual design team to build the entire mail piece around the offer!

Placing the offer as the first step in your process is essential for making the most of your direct mail. Your offer should be the main focus of the mail piece, usually in the largest or boldest font size and a central location on the design.

Most importantly, planning out your offer first allows you to create the rest of the design in a way that will complement the ultimate goal or CTA (call to action). This prevents your offer from getting lost in the rest of the text on your mail piece.

3. Create Offers that Encourage Loyalty

While it is essential to consider your audience and how you visually present the offer to your customers, it’s also necessary to be intentional about which offers will create repeat customers for your business.

It can appear more cost-efficient to choose a simple offer for a direct mail campaign, such as “redeem this coupon for one free large coffee.” An offer like this might generate a high response rate, but many customers will likely redeem the coupon for their free reward and may never purchase again.

Instead, it’s important to evaluate the lifetime value of each customer- the amount of times the customer will return to your company to do business with you again. An offer such as the “free coffee” example might not encourage as many repeat customers, whereas an offer such as “buy one coffee, get one free” will likely attract customers with a higher lifetime value.

Keep these ideas in mind, and get creative with planning your next great direct mail offer! Our company is here for you along the way, offering high-quality direct mail services for all your needs. Contact us today for more information.

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