3 Inspiring Ways to Promote Your Offer Using Print + Digital

Oct 6, 2023 | Blog

Reaching your ideal audience while remaining mindful of the bottom line seems like the dream in marketing. By fusing print and digital marketing to promote your offers, customers will benefit from better communication and accessibility to your business.

Working together with online platforms can be instrumental in publicizing your content in a relatable and current way.

Today’s marketplace is increasingly online, which means businesses need to think outside the box when it comes to marketing and promoting their business to potential customers.

3 Creative Ways to Showcase Your Business Utilizing Print and Digital

Branding your company to a broader audience on multiple platforms can be intimidating, but with a few simple and energizing ideas, you will surely gain traction with today’s customers.

1) Use a QR code on your posters and flyers

A QR code is a type of barcode that smartphone cameras can read easily.

Once scanned, the camera will open up the designated website. This ability to get a potential customer directly to your website without typing in the website is both simple and effective.

There are many free QR code generators available. Customers will appreciate the easy access to your website and the ease of saving it onto their phone for reference later. Additionally, QR codes simplify posters and flyers by not having extra words weighing down or busying the overall aesthetic.

2) Connect your social media to printed materials for deals

Don’t let your social media and printed marketing be islands; make them complement each other.

One application is to include an insert in your product packaging that encourages customers to post their purchase to their social media and tag your business or use a specific hashtag. Once the customer posts with the specific hashtag, you will send them a discount code for a future purchase.

This strategy uses customers as ambassadors online for you while also drawing them into stores to purchase a product. Connect your customers to your online presence to grow your digital content and familiarize customers and future customers with your business.

3) Merge your physical mail and email customers

On your physical mailers, have an option for customers to sign up for your email list.

This will give you flexibility and another platform to showcase your materials. Additionally, having customers subscribe to your emails will increase awareness of your current and upcoming deals and more.

Today’s marketplace is ever-changing and increasingly digital, so ensure your business stands out on digital and print platforms. Digital and print marketing do not need to be mutually exclusive. Contact us today to unite your online and printed materials to meet your company’s unique needs.

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