4 Eco-Conscious Printing Practices

Dec 15, 2023 | Blog

In the last few years, consumers have been increasingly emphasizing the sustainability and eco-friendliness of their favorite brands.

A study done by the Harvard Business Review showed that when Gen Z and Millennial customers believe a brand cares about its impact on people and the planet, they are 27% more likely to purchase from it than older generations.

As the world gravitates towards eco-friendliness, the print industry is also evolving, embracing methods that minimize environmental impact without compromising quality or creativity.

4 Ways to Make Your Print Marketing More Eco-Friendly

Check out these strategies for taking advantage of the effectiveness of print (80% of consumers act on direct mail print advertisements) while factoring in eco-conscious printing practices.

1. Use Recycled Materials

One of the easier ways to create more sustainable print marketing is by choosing eco-friendly alternatives to your typical products.

For paper, try using recycled papers or cardstocks- and make sure that your paper choices are certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Using recycled paper will also reduce your company’s production costs and help limit the number of new trees that need to be cut to make paper.

2. Vegetable-based Inks

Soy-based inks are now available as a substitute for petroleum-based inks.

They are nontoxic, nonflammable, and made with renewable resources.

This easy switch will increase the sustainability of all the materials you print while still producing vibrant colors.

3. Recycling Initiatives

After creating print materials for one of your campaigns, properly recycle the leftover materials and scraps.

Or, even better, seek ways to reuse or repurpose those materials for future projects. Sturdier printed pieces, such as postcards or signs on thick cardstock, could be saved and reused to reduce waste.

You can also limit the amount of leftover print materials by carefully planning before you begin a printing project. Identify your target customers using CRM or other marketing tools beforehand so that you can print only the necessary materials and prevent waste.

4. Use Proofing

Errors in your printed materials can greatly impact the eco-friendliness of your production process.

Whether it’s a grammatical error or a design error, it might result in the need for materials to be reprinted or for an entire batch of prints to be discarded.

Use proofing tools or have other team members look it over so that your print materials can be reviewed and double-checked. Ensure the message is clear, all contact details are accurate, and the design fits the campaign’s needs. This will ensure a more streamlined process and eliminate opportunities for waste!

As you strive to make your printing process more environmentally friendly, our company is here for you and all your printing needs! Visit our website today to learn how we can help you create quality print materials.

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