5 Techniques for Transforming Packaging into Brand Loyalty

Oct 13, 2023 | Blog

When it comes to catching customers’ attention and keeping them loyal to your brand, the look of your product can be powerful! 72% of Americans say a product’s packaging often influences purchases.

Creating brand-consistent packaging for your products is a simple way to increase brand recall, develop a recognizable aesthetic for your company, and increase customer loyalty.

5 Strategies for Engaging Customer Packaging

Read on to learn different ways to bring fresh creativity to your packaging and use it as a tool for customer engagement!

1. Keep Packaging Consistent

Maintaining a uniform brand presentation can lead to a revenue increase of up to 33%.

So, when designing your product packaging and labels, stay consistent with your branding. Use the same font style on all your print materials and packaging, lean into your signature brand colors, and include your company logo.

The more often consumers see that color, font, and logo, the more recognition they’ll have for your brand.

2. Packaging Gone Green

In recent years, customers have been increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their purchases, and your brand’s sustainability can definitely influence its popularity.

71% of consumers say they are more likely to buy brands with paper or cardboard packaging that’s sustainable, reusable, or recyclable. Switching up the material for your packaging can have a big payoff for customer loyalty.

3. Try Sensory Packaging

By engaging their senses, draw in customers and get them curious about your company’s products.

Use a printed tissue paper insert to add a scented feature to your packaging or create a cutout window so customers can touch or see the product inside.

You could even incorporate 3D features into your packing with embossing or debossing words or your company’s logo.

Sensory options like these can create a more tangible, exciting experience for the customer while building trustworthiness and transparency, which is essential for brand loyalty.

4. It’s Not Just What’s on the Outside

Don’t underestimate the inside of your packaging design!

Customers love the excitement and engagement of opening a product up, only to find another surprising detail inside. Don’t shy away from bright colors and playfulness in your design, and think outside the box (or, rather, inside the box!) regarding how to utilize every inch of your package space.

For example, a package insert with a coupon for their next purchase or stickers with your logo or slogan can turn customers into loyal fans.

Customers remember brands that display unique characteristics the best- so allow your brand’s personality to shine through by including a bold pattern, quirky message, or 3D detail inside your package.

5. Embrace the Product Itself

If you’re selling meat, incorporate the animal into the package’s design- if your product is headphones, use music notes on your packaging.

Cookies could come in a box designed to look like an oven, or a cleaning product could come in a package with bubbles.

Simple and effective aesthetic references to the product on your packaging will help customers instantly connect with your brand! They’ll know from just a glance at the container that your company will deliver a product that meets their needs.

Using these ideas to create new, innovative packaging for your company is made easy by collaborating with our team, where we deliver high-quality print solutions for all your business’s needs! Reach out to us on our website today!

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