Black Friday Print Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Oct 17, 2023 | Blog

Along with the cooler weather and changing leaves of Autumn comes the beginning of the holiday season. In the business world, Thanksgiving also means the arrival of Black Friday.

According to Capital One Shopping research, the average shopper spends $430 on Black Friday. This is a massive opportunity for companies within any industry to make sales!

3 Creative Ideas for Small Business Marketing on Black Friday

Although often, large, well-known corporations are the first to come to mind for Black Friday sales events, in reality, Black Friday can be an extremely lucrative time for your small business, too. Planning your marketing right will become the perfect time to spread the word about your company.

1. Create a Holiday Gift Guide

50% of surveyed consumers responded that they would spend the most significant amount of money while Black Friday shopping on gifts for others.

Since Black Friday falls right at the beginning of the holiday season, most customers will use it to purchase many gifts for their friends and family. Especially as a small business, paying attention to what your customers are looking for will be important in creating a gift guide for your store.

Compile some of your most gift-worthy products- such as decor, toys, electronics, clothing, and more- and organize them in categories based on price point or the type of person that might enjoy those gifts.

Then, use bold, eye-catching colors (such as red or yellow) to design an engaging handout for customers to browse. Printed versions of your company’s gift guide can be mailed or tucked into customers’ shopping bags at checkout starting a few weeks before Black Friday.

2. Focus on Loyal Customers for Black Friday

One of the reasons why customers will choose to make purchases from a small business is because they like the more personal, local experience.

Part of building up that personalized experience, especially on Black Friday, is showing gratitude to the customers who have shopped with you during other times of the year.

Consider creating a loyalty points program if your business doesn’t already have one. Mail out ads that announce the chance for double earnings of loyalty points for each purchase made during the Black Friday sales event, specialty Black Friday coupons to existing customers, or a perforated ticket that they can drop off in-store during the Black Friday event to be entered into a raffle.

Especially since Black Friday is such a busy time in retail stores, your customers will love to receive a handout in the mail that adds a touch of personal value. And those specialized deals might attract new customers to join your loyalty program, too!

3. Elevate Your Exterior and Interior Signage

Catch the attention of passersby with boldly printed signage in your store windows advertising the upcoming Black Friday sales event!

Don’t forget to utilize print marketing for the interior of your store, too. Two-thirds of consumers reported being more likely to impulse-buy during Black Friday than any other time of the year.

Customers will come into your small business curious and ready to purchase. Printed signage can work even better than sales flyers when drawing customers’ attention toward hot sales and guiding them around the store from section to section.

Hang signs from the ceiling, post them on endcaps of aisles, and hang smaller signs on shelves to point visitors towards new, sale-priced, or unique products.

Don’t forget that when creating a gift guide, direct mail coupons for your loyalty program, or signage for your store, we are the place to go for high-quality print products and additional marketing tips! Head to our website and get started today.

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