Interesting Envelopes: How to Use Them to Increase Your ROI

Nov 3, 2023 | Blog

Envelopes allow your business to seize attention and effectively engage your audience from the moment they open the mailbox.

An envelope may seem like a small detail in your overall marketing strategy, but it can significantly impact your return on investment (ROI).

Stand Out from the Competition and Increase Your ROI with Interesting Envelopes

Here are a few reasons why incorporating unique or eye-catching envelopes into your marketing strategy can benefit your business.

Increase Open Rates

When it comes to envelopes, incorporating captivating designs or compelling messaging can have a positive impact on your open rates.

People are likelier to open a visually appealing envelope, especially if it stands out among the rest of their mail.

Enhance Brand Awareness

By using envelopes with your company logo or incorporating your brand’s colors and fonts, you are reinforcing your brand identity.

Even if the recipient doesn’t open the envelope immediately, they will still see your branding and be reminded of your business.

Create a Memorable Impression

When you send out a marketing email or social media post, it can get lost in other messages.

But sending someone an attractive envelope is more likely to stick in their mind and make a lasting impression.

Let Interesting Envelopes Lead the Way to a Better ROI for Your Business

Here are some tips for incorporating interesting envelopes into your marketing strategy.

Design an Eye-Catching Envelope

The first step is to create a design that will capture attention and stand out from the rest of the mail.

You can use bright colors and unique shapes or add texture to make your envelope more visually appealing.

Personalize the Envelope

Believe it or not, personalized envelopes can significantly increase open rates.

Consider adding the recipient’s name or a customized message to the design to make them feel special and more likely to open it.

Use Teaser Messaging

Teaser messaging is a clever way to entice recipients to open your envelope.

You can use short phrases or intriguing questions on the outside of the envelope to build curiosity and make people want to see what’s inside. If you are including a discount code or sample, use the teaser to let them know. It will make them more likely to take action.

Go Big

Did you know that oversized envelopes have the greatest household return on investment (37%) over other mediums like postcards and letter-sized envelopes (29%)? (Source:

Maximize your marketing impact by utilizing oversized envelopes for your direct mail campaigns, driving a higher return on investment while capturing your audience’s attention.

Incorporating interesting envelopes into your marketing strategy can increase ROI and help your business stand out.

Contact us today to get started on envelopes that are sure to get your business noticed!

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