Personalized URLs in Direct Mail Marketing

Nov 17, 2023 | Blog

Despite the more modern online alternatives in advertising today, direct mail will always be a classic and effective strategy for customer engagement.

Direct mail boasts a strong overall response rate of 3.7%, outperforming mobile ads (2%) and email and social media marketing (1%). 

A personalized URL (PURL) is a unique and helpful tool that can supercharge your direct mail marketing efforts! One of its standout features is the ability to digitally track the response rate for direct mail pieces, giving you data to ensure that your marketing dollars are being put to the best use possible.

3 Benefits of Using PURLs for Direct Mail

1. Make Your Customers Feel Special

Customers love to see marketing items that feel unique to them!

Each recipient’s name can be incorporated into the PURL, giving you the perfect opportunity to add that touch of personalization to your direct mail.

For example, John Doe’s PURL might look like or This will make your customers feel special and increase the likelihood of them following the link and engaging with your mail.

2. Gather Valuable Data

With PURLs, you can precisely track responses to your mailings and gain deeper insights into your audience’s preferences.

This information is essential because it means your team can ditch designs that don’t yield response rates while improving upon the designs that demonstrate the most success.

3. Integrate with Your Overall Marketing Strategy

PURLs can be integrated into your marketing strategy through various channels to enhance customer engagement and track responses effectively.

For example, incorporate PURLs as clickable links that lead to personalized landing pages in marketing emails or share them on social media. This not only enhances engagement but also allows you to collect valuable data to refine your marketing strategies.

Ready to supercharge your marketing campaigns with effective direct mail strategies and PURLs? Contact us today to explore how our printing services can transform your marketing efforts into success. Let’s bring your vision to life!

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