Printing for Events: Tips for Standout Signage and Displays

Jan 12, 2024 | Blog

Signage is not just to look pretty. It is essential for your business and its success, especially at events.

Standout signage will benefit your event by impressing attendees with welcome displays, informing customers where they should go, keeping a schedule of events visible, thanking sponsors, and more.

Team up with our printing professionals to help create the event of the year with innovative and unforgettable signage and displays.

Printing for Events: Tips for Standout Signage and Displays

Looking for some ideas to begin your journey? Consider the following four ideas.


First impressions are of the utmost importance for your next event.

Ensure your attendees know where they are, why they’re there, where to find specific locations, and most importantly, that they are welcome.

Examples of Welcoming Signage:

  • Feather/Banner Flags: Allow nature to let these flow in the wind to attract views
  • Welcome Banner: The first signage a guest sees upon arriving
  • Window clings: Utilize windows and mirrors to double as a canvas for your signage
  • Yard signs: Start welcoming and directing guests from outside
  • Directions for restrooms, conference rooms, and seating: Once at the event, empower your attendees where things are located

Crowd Control

Having many people attend your event is a good thing, but controlling the flow of the crowd is vital.

Clear signage and directions for guests are critical to a safe and effective event. Consider organizing the crowds with thoughtful printed materials such as:

  • VIP passes – Allow for distinction among guests to have special privileges
  • Admission tickets – This can be a safety measure to know who is supposed to be at your event
  • Age-restricted drink/ride/food tickets – Be proactive with specialty items and limitations
  • Prize drawing tickets – Give the right amount of attendees the chance to win big!
  • Queue Banners – Visibly show where guests are to line up for drinks, tickets, etc
  • Stair Wraps – Use a natural mode of crowd flow and harness its signage possibilities
  • Floor decals/graphics – Be specific about where attendees should gravitate


Once your event welcomes people, they need to know their options and when events are.

Stay organized and give your attendees the power of information with educational signage and other materials like:

  • Programs – bi-fold or tri-fold to fit pertinent details about your event
  • Schedules – List out the times and locations of events attendees should be aware of
  • Menus – Whether it’s food, drinks, or services, impress your audience with their choices
  • Maps – Events can be confusing to locate places, so take the guesswork out of navigating
  • Flyers – Simple or detailed, these handheld papers detail just the right amount of info

Sponsor Recognition

Don’t forget to thank your sponsors and all the other people and companies that allowed your event to occur.

Showing your gratitude and appreciation towards others is crucial in positive business dealings and allows guests to know who else to thank and show recognition.

Ideas to illustrate sponsors and thanks:

  • Program ads
  • Large vinyl banners
  • Stage backdrops
  • Table tents

These attention-grabbing graphics for indoor or outdoor use benefit your next event, whether you want to welcome guests, help control crowd flow, or thank sponsors.

Don’t let your customers feel lost, unsure, or confused at your next event. Allow our print marketing experts to collaborate with you today to craft the highest quality and best impression signage! Contact us to learn more about innovative sign solutions.

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